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A world-class, closed-system organic compost production and mushroom growing complex with a research laboratory, processing plant and training centre will be established on 18 hectares in Hungary. The 17 800 square metre feedstock storage facilities will be located next to the 2.5 hectare Nadzi reservoir pond, providing for the placement and year-round safe storage of approximately 13,000 tonnes of straw. The 3,900 square metre composting plant uses a unique proprietary technology to produce up to 150-200 tonnes of substrate per day. The 20 experimental mushroom growing buildings, each measuring 400 square metres, plus 40 additional buildings, will allow for the continuous year-round cultivation of several mushroom species in a controlled environment using state-of-the-art air technology. The packaging and processing plant is used to package fresh mushrooms grown in the growing houses and by the integration partners, and to process and store them into semi-finished and finished products. Maintenance facilities and other service buildings support the continuous smooth operation.


The Fungaria Bio ZRt. Compost Production, Mushroom Processing and Mushroom Research Centre in Nagykálló is committed to sustainable development and environmentally friendly operation. The most common of these is the button mushroom, but other more exotic species such as devil's wort, shiitake, cucumber and cod mushrooms are also included, as well as more typically medicinal mushrooms such as wax moth, bush and woolly mushrooms, tussock mushrooms, etc.
The modern, closed system, controlled and clean operation of the plant does not pollute the environment, not even with unpleasant odours, and has a negative ecological footprint through the processing and utilisation of agricultural by-products. The mushroom compost harvested is used to produce a highly sought-after fertiliser substitute, bio soil amendment granulate, which is a Hungarian patent. The planned production of 6-8 thousand tonnes of organic fertiliser granules per year will contribute greatly to the overall positive environmental impact of the complex by replacing fertiliser.


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