Fungaria Bio ZRt. offers the possibility of cooperation within the framework of a production integration cooperative to partners who wish to participate in mushroom cultivation by providing the necessary land and manpower, whether they are private individuals, companies or municipalities. 
The 250-400 square metre growing hall is built on the member's own land, using the latest air technology, to grow mushrooms of the same quality all year round. The total value is around 30-45 million HUF. The installation of the technology is supported by several annual instalments (4 to 6 years return on investment), with tender advice.
The integration cooperative ensures a steady supply of raw materials, guaranteed price purchasing (secure, predictable sales), and thus a secure livelihood: net income of HUF 5-7 million per year.
In addition, free education, training and advice are available.
Labour demand: 3-4 persons per house. 
Annual capacity: approx. 40-60 tons per grow house.

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