In addition to the tasks necessary for the operation of the complex, a base laboratory and experimental cultivation houses with the University of Nyíregyháza, the Kecskemét Horticultural College and the research activities of renowned Hungarian experts in mushroom cultivation.
Its activities include:
development and improvement of cultivation technology; improvement of the composition of the substrate (compost) used in cultivation; transfer of new technologies to large-scale cultivation; further development of cultivated mushroom strains; introduction of new mushroom varieties; development of nutritional supplements from medicinal mushrooms
Commercial-scale growing houses, built to test research in practice and to test laboratory experiments on a large scale, will provide a place for practical training of the participants in the integration, in addition to their research use.

Hungary has been a pioneer in the intensive cultivation of wild mushrooms since the 1970s. A group of renowned Hungarian researchers (Imre Heltay, Ede Véssey, Ernő Tóth and László Tóth) developed the intensive, large-scale cultivation technology that forms the basis of the methods used today all over the world. Hungarian researchers also developed the hybrid strain HK35, which is the basis of the most popular high-yielding hybrids currently grown worldwide. By combining previously developed large-scale production methods with the latest technological advances, Fungaria Bio ZRt. has developed a modern, environmentally friendly cultivation system.

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